Monday, November 2, 2015

Ink Bender Anniversary

Today marks a year as the Ink Bender...

...this journey has always had its many lessons and challenges...downfalls and triumphs...

...yet ever since the reawakening of four years ago and the subsequent emergence of my new identity, I have not only strengthened my resolve and passion but I have also become more aware of my place in this world.

Forging a path forward, I aim not for fame nor validation from others, but rather to continue to learn, to create, and most importantly, to inspire.

As always, thank you to those who have been positive and supportive in my journey.


The Ink Bender, Kristoffer Tolentino

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spreading some ART love

Hi everyone!  I've started a little venture at my day job!  I work in a clinical trials lab where I am a part of a team testing various vaccines for many different infectious diseases out there!

We get so busy in our respective teams that we tend to forget to give each other positive reinforcement for the great job that we all do.  In keeping with "Be the change you want to see in the world" notion, I started a little recognition venture where people can nominate team members who go that extra mile.  As a reward, I draw them something fun and personalized which they are then awarded at the monthly department meeting!

Featured here are the rewards from September.

On a side note...apologies for the missing art from previous months...some I haven't had the time to scan like I planned to...others were uploaded from my phone but did not seem to go through and I just haven't made the time to fix it.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for visiting!